The Electric Stapler …


This wonderful invention, the electric stapler, is by far my favorite desktop tool (besides my computer, of course). When I consider all of the office supplies out there to choose from and select for my desk, this one always makes the first cut. No matter how “paperless” an office claims to be, it seems that there are always reams that need organizing and “clipping.”

I held out for years using a handheld stapler before I broke down and bought a cheap, small, light-duty battery-operated stapler – which didn’t endure much use. Finally, after a lot of trial and error, I found what is the perfect model for me.

My electric stapler of choice is the Swingline Speed Pro® (either the model “20” or  “40” will suffice). This unit is light-medium duty (20-40 sheets), has a built-in caddy for a staple remover, and a cool blue LED indicator of the staple supply. Plus, it has a sleek appearance, a power supply, and a battery option/backup. Of course, it is now discontinued, so I buy up most of them I can find on eBay or Amazon, etc. I have found this model to be extremely reliable – so I may not anytime soon need any of the replacement stash I have stored in my garage.

I didn’t really mean for this to be an advertisement, but every now and then I will share with you various tools and supplies that help me get my work done productively.

Chime in … what’s your favorite office supply?


Product Description

With powerful features and contemporary styling in a smaller, desktop-friendly design, the Swingline … Speed Pro (20) Electric Stapler provides reliable stapling with a built-in paper guide. Providing innovative features you’d expect to find only in more expensive electric staplers, this stapler is so well-designed it has earned an “Ease-of-Use” commendation from The Arthritis Foundation. It provides easy accessibility even to people with functional limitations due to the effects of arthritis or other ailments.Under the hood, an exclusive, high-power electric stapling mechanism ensures quiet and smooth operation without any scary bangs. The mechanism is powered by an AC adapter with battery back-up, and a handy (blue) LED indicator is included to inform you when staples are running low. Other features include an extended base that provides exceptional stability and easy to see staple placement, a built-in detachable staple remover, and a user control feature that allows you to choose between manual or automatic staple activation. It is capable of stapling up to 20 sheets of 20-pound paper with Swingline’s S.F. 4 premium staples. The stapler is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 5-year warranty.

Product Description

Speed Pro® electric stapler brings power and style to your desktop. Staples up to 20 sheets. High-power electric stapling mechanism ensures a quiet and smooth operation to make you work easier and faster. Allows user to choose between manual or automatic staple activation. Convenient built-in detachable staple remover. LED readout indicates when staples are running low. Solid, extended base provides exceptional stability and easy-to-see staple placement. 1 1/2″ throat depth. Front loads a full strip of 1/4″ staples. Six-foot cord. Black. 100% Performance Guarantee—Guaranteed to perform at the highest standards for the life of the warranty (assuming normal product usage) or Swingline will replace the product. Manufacturer’s limited five-year warranty. All sheet capacities are based on 20-lb. bond.